Monday, March 7, 2011

Violence Against Women Still a Problem

I had sharp, angry words for a good friend of mine today.  The discussion centered around Ad Words.  Seems "domestic violence" is very, very low on the list in Google's Ad Words.  How did Google make this decision?  Apparently, very few people search on the title "domestic violence".

Perhaps it's a subject that is still considered so awful it's swept under the rug?  Perhaps women suffering from domestic violence don't need to investigate it ~~ they're LIVING it?  Perhaps morphing the topic into real accountability would help?

Tomorrow, March 8th, is International Woman's Day.

It is a timely reminder of both the advances that we have made and the challenges that remain to protect to women and girls from domestic violence and other forms of abuse. As we wrestle with these difficult problems, we must always remember that women’s rights are human rights.

Every night I triage dozens of frantic calls on Domestic Violence.  Pick up any newspaper and you'll find horrifying stories on Domestic Violence.  Watch Nancy Grace on HLN and hear stories night after night after night. 

Domestic violence is a human-rights violation and it is an epidemic in our country and throughout our hemisphere.

Take a special moment tomorrow and give some healing thoughts for women who are abused, women who are survivors, and the issue of human rights.

My radio program,  ALL THINGS RELEVANT, has featured many strong women who have survived:
Rosaura Torres, Tauheedah Jabaar, and Karen Overhill.  In the upcoming weeks, I'll also be interviewing Robin Smith and others. 

Please don't tell me and these strong women that domestic violence isn't relavent !

(Note: if you've missed any of these revealing programs, go to  and search the archives)