Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From the Heart of the Holidays...

The holiday season is a time for celebrating our connections with our fellow human beings, especially our families. Most of us think of our family as those who are related to us by blood and marriage. In addition we have other "families" consisting of friends and those with whom we work. Social Networking creates a special type of related family. Often these are the people with whom we spend so much time. It seems to me that there are similarities amongst our families - especially our relatives and our social networking family.

For one thing, you can’t pick your relatives and you generally don’t have control over who you work with either! Second, and more important...each member of a strong and successful family is honest and trusting, works for the common good and maintains respect for every other member.

What does a healthy family like ours do when its challenged? Simply put: it adapts. The various members work to complement each other's strengths and to give support where it is needed. Everybody focuses his or her problem solving skills on creating new goals, new solutions, and new answers. Everybody works together with a fresh commonality of purpose. Finally, a healthy family -- like our network family -- responds to challenge with realism about its strengths, optimism about the future, a well-tempered sense of perspective, some goodwill and even a bit of fun.

I look forward to continuing our relationship in the coming year. Wishing you every happiness this Holiday Season, and prosperity in the New Year.