Monday, September 20, 2010


I am lonely in your wordlessness...
I am wordless in my loneliness...
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  1. -- Love the quote and the chambered nautilus. Decades ago before I ever heard of the sacred geometry and Fibonacci code (sequence in nature) I began to see my life, my timeline as a nautilus. The year I was born occupies the first chamber (like a baby nautilus) and today my life contains nearly 68 chambers. It seems a harmonius way to revisit the outstanding moments in my life. I stopped logging in my jobs and started noting my spiritual growth. It is all represented on a huge piece of strong paper that is carefully unfolded every year on my birthday. It is a fun project and I never heard of anyone else who has created such a life map. Wonder who would want it after I have left this material world. I thought of carving it on a stone or on a big rock in the wilderness where future generations could wonder what alien culture could have made such a thing.