Saturday, August 7, 2010

Searching For Relevant Forums

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Do Google searches for your related niche forums to best leverage your expertise.

How To Exude Forum Etiquette; Win Hearts.

Never use profanity and foul language in Forums. Never be intrusive or offensive with words. Respect your fellow forum goers as you are all there to learn and share. This is especially true when you are new in any particular forum.

Give High quality advice at your niche forums. 

Try to make memorable impressions and position your persona as an industry expert, adopting an advisor or mentor role.

Build and enhance your credibility with active interaction and freely provide advice, both online and offline, within forum and without. People appreciate people who wholeheartedly help them resolve their problems. When people what you do for them, they will begin to visit your site, wanting to know more about your work. This will have potential to turn viral. So keep building those relationships but be real!

How to Maintain Discipline.

Forum participation is a long term process, as in all relationship building activities. To ensure continued effect, set target for forum participation on a per day basis. Make Time for it and schedule a fixed timing daily for it. Do not participate only when you have the time to spare as this will cause procrastination. Be active in one or two niche forums which you think you could penetrate and establish a branding and expert position. Never target too broadly or too many forums, that can spread yourself too thin.

Post A New and Quality Anchor Article In The Forum.

One great tip to share with you is posting a quality Anchor article in your niche forum you are most active, instead of going for posting it on your own blog? In fact, tactically, high trafficked niche forums is one place which you could sufficiently impress your target niche groups with your expertise. Remember, always post quality comments in your niche forum rather than go for quantity.

Use a Simple Sign off.

There is no need to use fanciful, complicated or cluttered sign offs as they could backfire on your positioning. Most importantly, avoid breaking forum rules like including affiliate links. Worst still, never spam the forums, as this is a sure-kill for any unscrupulous forum user.
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