About Sam

The Journey

I have been employed, as a triage operator, at my local crisis center for 6 years. I am located in a small, rural town southwest of Pittsburgh, PA. Sadly, my hometown has the highest percentage of unwed, teenage pregnancies, unemployment, alcoholism, domestic violence and child abuse in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Like most jobs of this venue, some crises I am able to divert; some I am not. When I am able to divert a crisis, it is a soul-satisfying night. Most nights, I leave work, feeling that I have made a difference in someone's life.

Many years ago, I lived in San Francisco. I enjoyed meeting and learning about different people and cultures. When I returned home to Pennsylvania, I found I missed the melting-pot friendships I had in SF.

I love people and making friends. To that end, I have joined over 80 networking sites. Some are strictly social and some strictly money makers.

Only one has kept my interest and love: VIP COFFEE HUT. I'm proud to state I am now a Director, Social Development and Security for this site.

I have begun the journey to brand myself. Too often I have flitted from one business site to another. Of course, when that happens, I needed to begin all over again; searching through all my address books.

Through my own illumination, I have discovered I am a builder, rather than a body. I am a builder of friendships. Earning the trust and respect of my friends is another leg of the journey.


My nickname is SAM, and that is my name preference. I work at the local crisis-center and I'm a very positive thinker. I'm always impressed that I manage to land on my feet -- even when it seems such a long way off ! I do not stress over the glass being half-full OR half-empty....I GLORY THAT I HAVE A GLASS! I have one daughter, Suni, who is married to Ed, a Marine. Ed actually volunteered to go to Iraq. They are now stationed at 29 Palms, CA where Ed is a teacher in the Marine Corp. Suni is working on her elementary teaching certification, too. My household now consists of 2 cats. Poi from Hawaii and Carmelita from the no-kill shelter.

My Philosophy 

Live life like there is no tomorrow...
live in the moment, for the moment, 
                                                       like every moment has a purpose.