Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From the Heart of the Holidays...

The holiday season is a time for celebrating our connections with our fellow human beings, especially our families. Most of us think of our family as those who are related to us by blood and marriage. In addition we have other "families" consisting of friends and those with whom we work. Social Networking creates a special type of related family. Often these are the people with whom we spend so much time. It seems to me that there are similarities amongst our families - especially our relatives and our social networking family.

For one thing, you can’t pick your relatives and you generally don’t have control over who you work with either! Second, and more important...each member of a strong and successful family is honest and trusting, works for the common good and maintains respect for every other member.

What does a healthy family like ours do when its challenged? Simply put: it adapts. The various members work to complement each other's strengths and to give support where it is needed. Everybody focuses his or her problem solving skills on creating new goals, new solutions, and new answers. Everybody works together with a fresh commonality of purpose. Finally, a healthy family -- like our network family -- responds to challenge with realism about its strengths, optimism about the future, a well-tempered sense of perspective, some goodwill and even a bit of fun.

I look forward to continuing our relationship in the coming year. Wishing you every happiness this Holiday Season, and prosperity in the New Year.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Content Recycling: How to Turn Articles into Videos in 5 Minutes

Tame the beast...

Ever feel like all you do is write blog posts for your blog?

And what about making videos, podcasts, etc?

Who has time for that???

Yet all we hear around us is that we need to diversify and produce and publish all kinds of content for all kinds of media to create more targeted website traffic and one way links back to your blog.

That was precisely my sentiment until I learned something that made me realize how easy it was to do all that with just a blog post…

Content recycling is a brilliant concept not talked about enough. Or much at all, I should say.

It never occurred to me until I spent $2K on a traffic generation course. At least, I learned something, right?
So what exactly is content recycling?

Quite simply, it’s taking your blog post and turning it into an article, into a video, into a podcast, into a PDF, into a… I am sure there is something I am forgetting, but you get the point.

Let me show you how simple it is to convert your blog post/article into a video WITHOUT buying into any monthly subscription service that drains your pockets and produces dreadful results.
You, most likely, already have what you need to make this work.

How to Turn Articles into Videos

Friday, November 5, 2010

How Twitter Traffic Generation Became My Largest Source of Referral Traffic: Lessons to Share

Killer instinct... Got one?
Yes, I know:
“what good can come out of Twitter?” or
” ‘ve been there, ‘ve done that” or
“Tried it, don’t get it…”

I agree, Twitter is sort of like being in the middle of a crowded New York city street at rush hour. Or the floor of New York Stock Exchange in the middle of yet another market meltdown.

Trust me, I get it.


What good can come out of Twitter?

Quality targeted website traffic and tons of it!

How to Make Twitter Traffic Generation Work for You

Some of you may know that I started Traffic Generation Cafe in June of 2010.

Needless to say, my traffic was non-existent, Google never heard of me, and neither did any bloggers in my niche.

The most logical place to spread the glorious news about my existence was social media; Twitter, to be more precise.

Turned out it brought me all the traffic I needed to make my blog one of the authority blogs on the topic of increasing traffic generation – all within 2-3 months.

So how did I do it?

By learning all I could about how I can use Twitter for traffic generation and getting the most efficient tools I could to help me along.

Here are a couple of Google Analytics snapshots to show you what I mean (as of 10/27/10):

And one more:

And this is what this post is all about – I want to show you where I learned about Twitter and what I used to become successful with it.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Psychology of Thought


The first thing I was taught in Psychology was that a person's mind will keep working day and night, awake and asleep throughout life.

This is a good thing, too. We need our mind to help us walk, talk, drive and live.

I found it interesting that along the way you will notice some thoughts make you feel loving, and other thoughts make you feel fearful. Some thoughts will be uplifting, others will be depressing. Some will encourage behaviors that are helpful; others may encourage behaviors that are detrimental.

I have learned over the years that you don’t have to obey all your thoughts. I was reminded of this when I was at dinner one Friday with loved ones. I noticed a T-shirt a student was wearing that had printed on it, "Meditation is not what you think." How true! Meditation is the space between your thoughts. The more you can pay attention to the screen where the thoughts appear, the more liberated you will be of them.

This may not make sense right now, so just remember this:

"You can't stop your thoughts - but you don’t have to listen to them, either."

Fatzilla™/Mr.Roger©. All rights reserved. 

Coming to Motivational Radio

Coming to Motivational Radio's broadcasting schedule starting Nov 9th at 8:00pm EST is Illumination with Mr. Roger. "This will create a wonderful balance to our broadcasting schedule" explains Motivational Radio's own Anthony in a previous broadcast.

Mr. Roger will wear many hats for the station in this relationship such as lending his voice on "What’s News" and also "Illumination with Mr. Roger", a Fatzilla produced Illumination publication. Chosen topics that enhance the ability to think outside the box by opening the channel to "what’s in the mind" as opposed to "what’s on the mind."

"The awakening truth has begun by people exercising their ability to speak what's IN their mind not ON it"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Every A-List Blogger Has READ THIS

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you are definitely MISSING OUT. Seriously.
But now that you know it, it’s OK…because now you can get in on it by reading this entire post.
Most folks who know anything about psychology are familiar with the fact that there are three major ways to motivate people.

The first two are flattery and inspiration. Both of them can be effectively used in your marketing and advertisement to increase response.

However, that’s not what we are talking about today.
It’s the third method, arguably the most interesting, intricate, and powerful of the three, that I want to bring to your attention.


Guilt via association or lack thereof, to be more precise.

Allow me to explain.

We all want to work with the best and learn from the best.

We also want to be associated with the best.

That’s precisely why you are reading every single word of this post…whether you know it or not.

It’s such a universal truth.

We all want to feel like we belong, like we are a part of the “A-list”. We want to know everything the leaders know and do what they do.

We also want to be associated with the best and be recognized for being associated with the best.
Why do you think so many people flock to celebrities? Why do you think celebrities have such huge entourages?

And why do you think the second you mention celebrity’s name at a party, there will always be someone who says “Oh yeah, I caught a glimpse of her/him on the street once?” Like that’s supposed to make us feel that they are just about related…

It’s almost like we are programmed to belong to anything that we perceive is better than what we are or what we have.

That’s precisely what made you read this post as well. Really.

From the very beginning, from the very title you instinctively wanted to read this article. Why?
Because, first I put a “guilt trip” on you, which caused you to begin reading the post.
Additionally, I removed you from the A-list or the perceived group of leaders, and you didn’t like it.
What is it that they know and you don’t?
You needed to find out.
So let’s go over exactly how I encouraged you to continue reading.

1. I used READ THIS in the title. Even though it’s hidden at the end of the title and still appears to be subtle enough, it caught your wandering eye. Blatant command that’s even SHOUTING at you in all CAPS!
2. “Every A-List Blogger Has READ THIS”. And you haven’t… What does it make you? NOT a part of the group. An outsider. They know something you don’t. Any appearance of your association with them was removed and somewhere deep inside you didn’t like it!
Pretty powerful, isn’t it?
So next time you write a sales letter or an ad, remember that association and guilt are two powerful factors that can seriously motivate your prospects to pay attention… IF you do it the right way.

Permission from
Ana Hoffman

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I want to live to be an outrageous old woman...

who is never accused of being an old lady

I want to have ten-thousand lovers

in one love.....

one, 70-year-long, lasting love.

I want to get leaner & meaner,


the color of the ground....
till i discorporate.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Father's Eulogy......Delivered By Me 2000

When I am thinking of different words to describe my father,

I think: either he was a paradox, or a true renaissance man.

My father was a man of steel, yet I have seen him cry.

I have listened to him laugh out-loud at cartoons, or the funny papers.

He was easy going, and he had an Irish temper.

He was a private man, yet everyone knew him.

He enjoyed telling stories, gardening, fishing, cooking, reading recipe books, and eating.

He enjoyed talking with people and getting to know them. And, learning from them, too.

He seemed to know a little bit about everything.

He was fascinated about the weather, science, animals, or birds.

It did not matter. He was a sponge.

Ultimately, he could "hold his own" in those conversations.

When I began to think of the values he instilled in me, three examples come quickly to mind.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Morning Words to live by...

Before I rise every morning, or every night, if I'm working,

I choose a positive word.

It may be awesome, amazing, excellent, super, etc.

I find choosing the word FIRST, will give me a response

to share with people who ask, "How are you ?"

Selecting the word, and responding to others with it, makes

me "feel" that way.

It doesn't take very long before I AM that word.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Intercultural Communication

There's a good chance that some of your coworkers, bosses, or employees will come from a different cultural background. Ever feel like you don't really understand what they're saying, even when you're speaking the same language? It might be because you are not fluent in the body language of their native culture. In the book Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace, authors Iris Varner and Linda Beamer give examples of how even the simplest gestures can have different meanings in different countries.

Forms of Greeting

United States and Canada: Firm handshake.

France: Soft, quick handshake.

Japan: Handshake with arm fully extended, accompanied by a bow.

Germany: Firm handshake. Men traditionally accompany the handshake with a slight bow.

Middle East: Handshake with the free hand placed on the forearm of the other person.

Bowing: Many people from Asian cultures bow in greeting. In Japan, people bow with their hands at their sides, and the depth of the bow is related to the level of respect due to the other person. Thais bow with their palms together and fingers outstretched, while people from Cambodia and Laos bow with their hands in front of their chests. Pakistanis use the salaam, and bow with the palm of the right hand on their foreheads.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I only believed in what I saw
like a candid photographer
until I met you and
found myself
inside a row of mirrors
with endless reflections
and counter reflections.
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 Stillness descends
I touch your skin,
there is a quiver..
is it me, or you, or us?
...will we become one?
as surely as I know
the San Francisco fog
always returns in 3 days.
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I am lonely in your wordlessness...
I am wordless in my loneliness...
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Thursday, September 16, 2010


For me, love has always been like
a small cloud of smoke drifting through my life.
I reach out to touch it, and my hands plunged
right through, as it drifted on.

Loneliness has the heart in hibernation the winter of the soul.
like seeing many, beautifully-wrapped empty christmas boxes.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Join me on my journey towards ILLUMINATION.  I will be reporting my thoughts, my growth, and my altered thinking...I'll be sharing the growth I am experiencing.....comparing my thoughts from the journey to an earlier time.


Whenever I have down time, I go "inside" myself.  Growing up as a single child, rewarded me with a heightened level of creativity.  My mind becomes my active playground.  I love to watch people. Their funny quirks, the way they gesture, and what my "sense" is of them and the situation.  Often times, I allow an observation to link me back to a memory; therefore, a new thought process.

I'm sitting in a small diner.  I spy a mother and her daughter arrive and sit in the booth in front of me.  Without realizing, I am making a value judgment on the mother.  Her daughter takes off a new backpack to place next to her.  The name JULIE blazes across the back.  Evidently, the mother doesn't understand this was a most unwise decision to personalize the bag.  TMI for pedophiles.

Mom orders pie and coffee; Julie orders a hamburger.  I would judge Julie to be 10-ish in age.
What unfolds next, causes me to say yes to another coffee refill...and, then another.  I sit transfixed.  I observe something which indeeds links me back to a memory.

Although the mother speaks gently to Julie, she serves up instructions:  cut the burger in half, use your napkin, you need less ketchup, use your napkin, next time tell them you don't want lettuce, use your napkin, etc.  Julie can't even enjoy her burger with all the instructions given to her.

Isn't this what you do to me?

Aren't you always telling me how to cut and eat my life?

You want the gift of SAM....but, this gift can only be in a certain shaped box, with a certain colored wrapping paper, and a certain style of bow on it. 

If I give you the gift of myself, exactly as your instructions state, am I really sharing SAM?  Or, your version of SAM? 

I spent so much time following your instructions, that I lost track of me.
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Practical Psychology

We have all met people who are so prickly and difficult that no one wants to handle them. In most situations walking away is n option, and you escape with no more than ruffled feathers. But some situations are inescapable. You can wait until the thorny personality is gone and moan,"He's just impossible", to a friend. Far better though, it's time to begin skills in practical psychology.

First, take responsibility for your part of the interaction. Animosity is created in your own heart. Even the most impossible person had a mother, and was loved by somebody. If you can deal with your own reaction and take responsibility for it, no other step is more productive.

Detachment is always the best response, because if you can interact without having a reaction, you will be clear-headed enough to make progress in relating to this difficult person.
We all tend to use descriptive words loosely, but it helps to know exactly what is going on.

Clinging types - want to be taken care of and loved. They feel weak and are attracted to stronger people. If desperate, they will cling to anyone. Clinging types cannot be handled with avoidance. They are like Velcro and will stick to you every time you get close. They ignore a polite no, but you can't use direct rejection without making an enemy. Neutrality hurts their feelings and makes them feel insecure.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Some days, it's harder to remember that I make a difference at my job.
Yesterday was one of those days. 

Over a year ago, we had a 2 month old who was DOA from home.

Let's call him Toby. His mother was having a hard time sleeping, so she placed a pacifier in Toby's little mouth, and taped it onto his face. As irrational as this seems, I believe she did this so he wouldn't "lose" the pacifer, and wake up. She could get through a night without his waking and crying. with Toby's continual sucking on the pacifier, the tape became wet and soggy.

It migrated to his nose and covered it.  so, toby had no way to breathe. as shocking as this story is...the outcome of her case was even more shocking to me. she received 2 to 6 years for this crime. Verdict finally handed down yesterday.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

© Lifes a Pitch

Selling Your Self Image by Mr.Roger

I truly believe with all my being that we are always pitching, selling ourselves. I also believe that this is not a bad thing.

The simple act of reaching out to people and trying to connect is an act of persuasion. Most of us care whether people like us or not and understand that when we are liked and admired, we are more able to get the things we want. This is a universal truth demonstrated repeatedly by successful people everywhere. The million dollar question is, are we liked by the right kind of people who can help us get what we want out of life? A successful salesperson is a unique commodity and worth their weight in gold.

Unfortunately, selling has gotten a bad reputation. The dictionary definitions (relevant to tonight’s topic) are “to convince of, to gain acceptance.” In relevance to that, sales have acquired some unfavorable definitions such as “to cheat or dupe, a hoax or swindle.” It is associated with being phony and inauthentic, forcing people to buy things they don’t want or need.” We all at some point in life have experienced the humiliation and exasperation of feeling that we were taken for a ride. I feel that familiar irritation creeping up on me when I listen to those trying to disillusion everything we stand for and are trying to accomplish. I can only wonder how it is affecting the people that I’ve take responsibility for in sponsorship. This is not what I think of when I sell, and this is not where we are going with this. Rather, I want to set forth some ideas about selling and pitching that are honest, genuine, and borne of deep interest in other people.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


My motto: I do not stress over the glass being half-full OR half-empty....I GLORY THAT I HAVE A GLASS !

This has something I truly believe. This is something I truly live.

Recently, I decided to "try" once more to have a relationship with a special friend. He lives far away, but has a summer home 1/2 way between our two cities.

We both came to the relationship with emotional baggage from previous marriages

The only change has been with my recent journey towards Illumination.

I've processed my emotional baggage. He cannot.

Recent actions were revealed to me. I have no control over this news; and yet, it was My Choice to withdrawal my friendship and end the relationship for the last time.

I'm 62, and I REFUSE to act out of desperation for this relationship. I have power and control, which took me many years to gain, and I will not let go of it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Searching For Relevant Forums

Google Logo bg:Картинка:Google.png
Do Google searches for your related niche forums to best leverage your expertise.

How To Exude Forum Etiquette; Win Hearts.

Never use profanity and foul language in Forums. Never be intrusive or offensive with words. Respect your fellow forum goers as you are all there to learn and share. This is especially true when you are new in any particular forum.

Give High quality advice at your niche forums. 

Try to make memorable impressions and position your persona as an industry expert, adopting an advisor or mentor role.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Simple Way to Get What You Need—In Business or in Life

By Stacy Karacostas 
July 23rd, 2010 
More years ago than I care to count, I moved from Georgia to Colorado—ostensibly to finish college. Since I needed to pay in-state tuition rates, I had to live there for a year before starting to school.

Having already been a whitewater raft guide on the Ocoee River in Tennessee, it seemed natural to get a job as a raft guide for the summer. Then, in the winter, I figured I could wait tables in a resort town and learn to ski (it’s a rough life…right?).

I had one small problem though…

 I had a dog.
Finding housing in a mountain town can be really difficult. And finding housing with a dog can be close to impossible. So, at first I camped out while I searched for a room to rent.

Lucky for me, my Mom came to visit and decided it was high time I found a place.

Then she promptly embarrassed the heck out of me by asking each and every person we ran into if they knew of any place for rent.

I don’t mean asking acquaintances or coworkers. I’m talking about bank tellers, check out girls, random people on the street, the postman…you name it.

Needless to say, I was totally mortified each and every time I heard her utter the words “Let me ask you a question…” in her thick French accent to some total stranger.

I kept begging her to stop until finally she explained her strategy…Something she called the “Three Foot Rule”.

Basically, anytime she needed something, she asked everyone who came within three feet of her if they could help. Or if they knew someone else who might. Until eventually she found what she needed.
Once I realized she wasn’t totally insane I let her keep asking. And you know what?

Maintaining Enthusiasm In Spite of Inevitable Setbacks.

Although an online business is 90% fun after the "Learning Curve" months, "Depression" is one of the more difficult challenges facing new and seasoned net-workers alike. 

Out of necessity, successful individuals must be enthusiastic, sincere, articulate, and believable. A depressed person cannot survive in this industry: thus we need to prepare our newest associates by warning them of the most common causes of depression, beginning with an open admission of our own personal struggles with this formidable adversary.
One prerequisite for success in networking, often not critical in traditional business, is the appearance of being emotionally charged.
Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010 / Mr. Roger & (PLR) Reprinted with Permission.
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Simple Way to Get What You Need—In Business or in Life

By Stacy Karacostas ·
Friday, July 23rd, 2010

More years ago than I care to count, I moved from Georgia to Colorado—ostensibly to finish college. Since I needed to pay in-state tuition rates, I had to live there for a year before starting to school.

Having already been a whitewater raft guide on the Ocoee River in Tennessee, it seemed natural to get a job as a raft guide for the summer. Then, in the winter, I figured I could wait tables in a resort town and learn to ski (it’s a rough life…right?).

I had one small problem though…

I had a dog.

Finding housing in a mountain town can be really difficult. And finding housing with a dog can be close to impossible. So, at first I camped out while I searched for a room to rent.

Lucky for me, my Mom came to visit and decided it was high time I found a place.

Then she promptly embarrassed the heck out of me by asking each and every person we ran into if they knew of any place for rent.

I don’t mean asking acquaintances or coworkers. I’m talking about bank tellers, check out girls, random people on the street, the postman…you name it.

Needless to say, I was totally mortified each and every time I heard her utter the words “Let me ask you a question…” in her thick French accent to some total stranger.

I kept begging her to stop until finally she explained her strategy…Something she called the “Three Foot Rule”.

Basically, anytime she needed something, she asked everyone who came within three feet of her if they could help. Or if they knew someone else who might. Until eventually she found what she needed.
Once I realized she wasn’t totally insane I let her keep asking. And you know what?

An amazing thing happened…

Someone (I think it was the bank teller) did know of a cute little studio apartment that had just become vacant. And best of all, it was dog friendly.

I was blown away!

This became one of my most important and valuable life lessons. I promptly began putting the power of the Three Foot Rule to work for me.

When I moved to Breckinridge that winter, I accomplished the unheard of feat of finding a place to live with my dog by literally knocking on doors. This at a time when people I knew were paying rent for couch, foyer or floor space.

Later, I discovered I could use the Three Foot Rule to find almost anything—business or personal. I’ve used it to find quality printers, graphic designers, event locations, hotels, referral partners, real estate agents—even clients.

How can this rule work in your business?

Here’s a good example…

A skilled copywriter I know had been struggling for a while to build his business. Then, one day recently, he mentioned he was focusing solely on writing Web and print sales letters.

A few weeks later at a seminar, I found a flyer posted looking for a freelance copywriter to write sales letters. I remembered his comment, passed it along, and he followed up.

His first project started a week or so later.

Here’s the email he sent me …

“Yeah, it’s been weird. Ever since I made a conscious decision to go after that kind of work (sales letters), I’ve gotten leads for that kind of work. And it pays to tell people what you’re looking for, too.”
The reality is …it’s not weird at all. It’s just the mighty power of the Three Foot Rule at work.

Ready to try it for yourself?

•First, decide what you need. And be as specific as possible.

•Second, ask everyone you come in contact with (make no exceptions)if they know where you can find or get it.

Entrepreneurs are typically uncomfortable asking for help. And I know this might seem a little weird at first. But just give it a shot. Most people love helping, and are happy to offer advice, recommendations or referrals.

Trust me; once you see the amazing results, using the Three Foot Rule gets easier and more effective. So don’t be shy. Get out there and start asking for what you need.

Because, as my Mom would say, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”.

Have you ever used the 3-foot rule, or something similar to get what you need? Do you struggle with asking for help? I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

*posted with permission of my friend, stacy

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Life Application

by Mr.Roger

"The future is uncertain, but we need to move toward it with confidence. There's a future to be created. We need to stop wasting our time and stop being afraid of what we cannot see and do not know. We need to move forward full of force, confident of what we do know in life... "

Monday, July 26, 2010


If I hadn't already experienced menopause...I'd swear I'm going through it. Or, going through it AGAIN ! 2003 was enough...or, so I thought.

I was one of the lucky ones, going through menopause, who did not have flashes. But now the long weeks of incredibly high temperatures and humidity have created havoc with my body. I live over a dry-cleaning, laundry plant. I threw away my indoor thermometer when I spent my first summer here. The heat and steam from downstairs naturally rise to my apartment. Now I have 2 air conditioners. My office and my living room. I live in those rooms only. I love to cook and bake. I've had no appetite...existing on simple finger food.

Back in 2003, I do remember heightened periods of "sensitivity" to remarks made by friends and co-workers. Ah, I see that issue has returned, too.

People used to remark about my incredible memory. I used to say: I have freeze-dried memory. Peri-menopause squashed that ability. It's gotten much better, but not to the original strength. Now, I can't find the right word, or can't remember the simple, relevant stuff.

A close friend made a fairly innocent comment to me recently. It was meant to be a helpful remark. But, I got into my emotional elevator and pushed DOWN. Why?

My journey towards illumination, and my work, allows me to realize introspection is not something to be denied or feared.  It's meant to be explored fully. I accepted the sadness. I tasted it. I explored it like a child.

In my hours of "innocent remark" inspection, I found it difficult to become superior to it.

Within the past hour, I've discovered why. I've spent the past month watching my mother become more ill every day. My suggestions to go to the hospital were unheeded. One morning, we could no longer ignore her status. Swiftly, we went to the emergency room.

I'll admit: I have "issues" with our local hospital. In 2003, I lost my job with downsizing at this hospital. I worked there 19 years and had a fairly high-level position. I negotiated medical-surgical contracts...everything from bandaids to body part implants. Everyone in that hospital knew me; most liked me, too. Even my sales reps, who often feared going toe-to-toe with me during lengthy contract negotiations, invited me to their family functions. These same sales reps, came to my father's funeral in 2000. I was tough, but fair and honest. I was respected.

Taking my mother to the hospital last week, I became simply an outsider. I had no power to get a faster answer to her call bell. I could no longer go to the lounge and make her a simple cup of tea. I was unknown. I had lost my "insider" power.

To make matters worse, I saw my old boss as I was entering the elevator. The door opened, I saw his same mean, aloof expression and I said, "No thanks, I'll wait for the next one."  As the door began to close, he smirked "Suit yourself."  I replied, "I just did." 

I did a superior job at the hospital.  In the end, it made no difference. I'm trying to do an equally superior job with important things in my life right now.  The difference?  I'm "trying", rather than "doing".  That innocent remark is digested now and I can finally push UP.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Throughout the years, my hobbies have changed. I've also be fortunate that most of my hobbies have sold.

When Suni was born, I began by creating quilted jackets, and also taught quilting in Menlo Park Adult Education.
Next, I made children's clothing with applique and sold those in several unique shops in Palo Alto. My business was called Suni's Creations.

When I moved back to PA, I began to make wearable art. I had an easy, short kimono and made these into suit jackets. Along with my love of embroidery, quilting, and unique beading, I also made matching jewelry and even the buttons.

When I stopped wearing suits, I began the challenging process of altered art and quilted journals.
Next, I took altered art to a much larger process of embellishing canvases with found mechanical and technical items. I called it tech/mech. Using everything from scrabble pieces, to computer parts. I added painting, paper ephemera, old photographs and whatever pleased me.

Now, I'm on a new journey. I'm moving all my canvases, paints, paper emphemera, and found elements to my storage room.

I've purchased a book on Home Business and I intend to document what is legitimate, and take those savings. The very important step is to keep all these documents in one spot, and readily available. I have an old army, 4-drawer file cabinet which I am moving into my office for this exact purpose.

So, what was Sam's Space to create wearable art and altered canvases, will now become Sam's Legitimate Home Business.

And so, another journey has begun. Come along for this incredible ride !

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The New Professional Personified...

Relevant Stuff Guest Author...
As a Closer:

The closer is a person who can do more than most salespeople think possible. Why? Because they know how to get close to people, they know how to get people to feel good about themselves. Customers like the closer because he shows interest in them; the closer builds the customers up so high they cannot possibly say no.The closer gets people on paper and signed contracts. Then keeps them there himself. Closers can step in on another person's troubled deal and bring it on home by solving the problem in minutes. A closer is a special kind of salesperson that people like, get excited to be with, believe in and feel special around. They are truthful, sincere and convincing. They always WIN !

The Basic percentages of a closer's make-up are as follows:
  1. Enthusiasm..51%
  2. Empathy and understanding...25%
  3. Manners and Charm..10%
  4. Fun..7%
  5. Product knowledge..7%.
Don't think a person is a closer by self proclamation. Beware! There are so many phonies running around it is hazardous to the networking and selling industry. These people are all talk and NO show. A closer sells. That's all that needs said!

As A Salesperson:

Are salespeople born or made? Many people believe they are born. "It's in the DNA," some claim, "so why should I try to improve if I wasn't born with it?" Or, "Tony's a great salesperson -- must've been born that way." But that's both an easy way out of self responsibility and a trap. "It's easy to believe that salespeople either have it or they don't," says Dr. Rosann Spiro, former chairperson of the American Marketing Association. "But the research shows that salespeople improve with practice and experience, with average performers improving the most." The suggestion that some people are top performers because "they had it from the get go" and they are just "fulfilling their destiny" is a misconception that fails to recognize that top performers needed to learn and grow along the way. If you want the most out of the best, don't fall into this most common sales trap. Sales people are developed, and it takes them time to develop.

Potential is interesting, but performance is everything:

What do salespeople do to improve? Studies have established, after observing thousands of successful salespeople and many top performers, there is a common denominator among them. Improvement came to all of them because they did one or more of the following:

  • Analyzed what went right or wrong on the sales call.
  • Participated in company sales training programs which provided reinforcement and feedback from their sales managers.
  • Received constructive criticism well.
  • Took part in simulated role play of sales situations with a manager, mentor or colleague. Top salespeople are good at "thought process" and "thought link" development, which is the ability to link one issue to another in a sales call or other customer conversation.
Salespeople need to be able to think quickly on their feet. Thinking enables them to better understand their customers' problems and link them to a solution. It is clear that few of the top salespeople would have achieved success without training and development along the way.

Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010 / Mr. Roger & (PLR) Reprinted with Permission.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm a mother and a child.
What happens when my mother turns into a child?
I become her parent as well.

My mother has reached the next-to-last stage of renal failure.
One more number to go, before the choice of renal dialysis.
She's 83 years old. She's had a very sad journey since my father's death 10 years ago.
She's lonely and unhappy.

In 2008, my mother lost her job with the City of Union town. Our town filed for bankruptcy. At the time, many city employees lost their job. She was a school-crossing guard at a local middle school, and the last one laid off. She loved the responsibility of her children's safety. She raced anxiously to work. Anxious to check on them. And, each night's phone call would always relay the tales of each child.

After she was laid off, the only time I sensed joy in her was when she visited my daughter, Suni, and my son-in-law, Ed. She flies out each year to avoid the freezing winters in PA. She has a splendid time. Someone to talk with several times a day. Marines coming by to visit Ed. Suni loves to cook and makes an incredible feast for them each night. There's also cable, so she can watch her fill of Lifetime, Hallmark, and the Food Network.

I also prepare myself for when she returns, because she becomes depressed and sad again. This depression and sadness manifests itself through an increase of digestive issues. Usually the month or two after she returns, she is admitted to the hospital. Dehydration, abdominal pain, and "unknown origin" for diarrhea, etc.

This last return in May has been no different. I could see it coming, too. No amount of cautionary words made a difference. Ten days ago, I urged her to make an appointment with her PCP. I used to work for her PCP, so she gets appointments immediately!

"No, she exclaimed, I'm ok. If I don't feel any better in a few days, we'll call the doctor." Days came; days ended. Still not much improvement. I know that I must approach her calmly. I won't take over the reins, because I know it's best for people to main control for as long as possible.

Today, I finally convinced her to allow me to call the doctor. Unfortunately, he's on vacation until this coming Tuesday. Now we are trying the infamous B.R.A.T diet to get through this weekend.

I do not look forward to the day I have to take control of the reins. It will eventually come, however; no matter how much I delay it. Her safety and health are more important than egos, or the quest for control.

It's the final dignity I can allow her.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I "got" it, as we used to state.

When I lived in San Francisco, I took part of several highly-enlightening programs. Such is the wonderful life in California. So much to experience!

One of my favorites was "est" (Erhardt Seminar Training). EST's main concept was no one, but you, are responsible for your destiny.

I "got" it, as we used to state.

This was a very simple concept to learn and embody. I lived this for many years. I was happy, successful, non-judgmental, and peaceful. A very esoteric Californian existence.

When I relocated back to my hometown in Pennsylvania, however, this was a concept no one could understand or appreciate. Instead, I began to feel: perfect misfit, fits in nowhere. I would explain my feelings to friends and family. That only served to make them suspicious of me and my beliefs/experiences.

In order to "fit in", most of my enlightened training slowly disappeared from me. From my core. From my sense of happiness and fulfillment. I hid the real SAM to be accepted. With my recent journey towards full Illumination, I have brought back the essence of SAM. I feel stronger and invincible.

Each day brings a new joy of wonderment. A joy of being at peace with myself.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Starting an Online Business"

Relevant Stuff Guest Author...

Would you like to make enough to quit your daytime job from an online home business? But how do you get started?

-by Mr. Roger

Don't feel bad, that is where many people were years ago but have since learned what is important and what isn't...but only after buying $1,000's of eBooks, software etc, etc... And being chained to the computer for 10-14 hours every day, including Sundays, and tearing their hair out and losing their health...ensure to get up and walk around each and every hour. There is a much better way!

Following the critical step of learning how to turn on a computer, then eventually delving into to trying to figure out what kind of website to design and subsequently.

We all went awry back then Internet Marketing was the prime focus for a market to attack. But please don't do it! You'll find yourself swallowed up by 1,000's of whales... as in very large animals that are called 'guru's or marketing experts. You will find a heap of competition in Internet Marketing and your life will be one of heavy frustration in trying to best these guru's. They have the money, savvy and extra help to make superior products and know how to promote them. In addition they conspired with each other in a joint venture, which isn't necessarily an evil thing but many times it is. Aren't you tired of seeing the same email ad from 30 different marketers?

Suggestion is to research an easy to work with a program to design a web site. There are free ones and with a little effort you will be on your way to creating simple but effective web sites. In fact, you don't have to start with a web site; you can just start with a blog. Use the cpanel of your domain and Fantastica to start with Word press blogs. Google loves blogs and indexes them faster than a web site.

Finally, ensure you select a niche market that has some monthly searches and has under 100,000 results. You can do this manually or use other tools that might cost a bit. I have a list of these tools on the page below.

Whatever you do, ensure you stay focused and don't get distracted or some other b.s. If I had to start over again I would concentrate on one thing...Focus! I believe that is the downfall of most online marketers, they go from one thing to another, thinking that they must have this new program, software or membership program. Stick with one project until it's either a success or flop.

Spend a few bucks and most importantly get to work.

Lastly, ensure you aren't spending the grocery money, and if not, this work at home will be very exciting. Believe me, you won't regret it!

Copyright 2008, 2009, 2010 / Mr. Roger & (PLR) Reprinted with Permission.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

These Days, a Woman’s Place is in the Home...Office

Recently released figures from the U.S. Census Bureau found that of the nation’s 16.6 million businesses, about 49 percent are home-based, with about 56 percent of those being women-owned ventures. Now, more than ever, women small business owners are leading the trend when it comes to owning and operating a business from the home.

But how do smart women business owners manage to stay on top of day-to-day logistical operations while increasing the breadth and scope of their business? They make the most of their time. They make the most of tools offered to them. And, they make it all happen from their home headquarters.

In 2003, I began my home-business journey when downsized out of a well-paying hospital job. Looking to beginning a new career, I thought I'm intelligent and a hard worker. I'll simply follow an ad to begin working at home. Shouldn't be too hard, right ? I tried a few "promising" programs. They all came crashing down. Having no training in MLMs, the programs I chose were not successful.

A good friend suggested I begin marketing real estate with her. Then, the bottom fell out of the real estate market. Next, we began marketing REO portfolios. Spending 20 hours per day on my computer, and making no money was crazy. So, I began the search for traditional employment.

Once I had a steady paycheck, however, the thoughts of working from home and being my own boss were too compelling to ignore. No longer would I be at the whim of my bosses. I wanted to be my own boss.

My next move was into social networking sites. I made some fantastic friendships and belonged to 70+ of them. I learned more about MLM's and advertising. I watched and listened. My next forays were more successful. But, never enough to support myself full time.

A close friend explained that I needed to brand myself. Not exactly sure how to do that, I placed my trust in him. Thus, begins another exciting journey ! I'm challenged, stimulated, and motivated to become one of the 56 percent women-owned ventures.