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Content Recycling: How to Turn Articles into Videos in 5 Minutes

Tame the beast...

Ever feel like all you do is write blog posts for your blog?

And what about making videos, podcasts, etc?

Who has time for that???

Yet all we hear around us is that we need to diversify and produce and publish all kinds of content for all kinds of media to create more targeted website traffic and one way links back to your blog.

That was precisely my sentiment until I learned something that made me realize how easy it was to do all that with just a blog post…

Content recycling is a brilliant concept not talked about enough. Or much at all, I should say.

It never occurred to me until I spent $2K on a traffic generation course. At least, I learned something, right?
So what exactly is content recycling?

Quite simply, it’s taking your blog post and turning it into an article, into a video, into a podcast, into a PDF, into a… I am sure there is something I am forgetting, but you get the point.

Let me show you how simple it is to convert your blog post/article into a video WITHOUT buying into any monthly subscription service that drains your pockets and produces dreadful results.
You, most likely, already have what you need to make this work.

How to Turn Articles into Videos

First, let me start with a video to show you how it’s done.
You’ll also find the step-by-step directions below the video.

Step 1:

Start by copying your article/blog post into a Word doc or any text editor. Don’t forget to include the title!

Step 2:

Make sure to separate each sentence with a blank space. Remember, each sentence will become its own slide, so plan accordingly!

Step 3:

Save your document as “Text Only” or whatever other equivalent your specific program provides for saving it as a text file.

Step 4:

In your PowerPoint, go to File->Open. Open your newly saved text file containing your article. If your article does not open the way it’s shown in the video (each sentence in its own slide), then you didn’t save it in the correct format – go back and resave it.

Step 5:

Quickly style your slides according to your preference. Time-saving tip: select ALL slides to the left and style them all at the same time.

Step 6:

Record your presentation with whatever video recording software you already have, like Camtasia, Screenflow, or Jing.

Step 7:

Distribute your video to as many video sites as possible to maximize your potential for quality one way link building.

I use TrafficGeyser for that. There was a time I used TubeMogul, which has a free version, until they closed my account; their reason was that not many sites want to publish internet marketing tutorials these days – I beg to differ. TrafficGeyser seems to be doing just fine with that. But that’s for you to decide!

You are done!

Now, a bonus tip:

How to Turn Articles into Podcasts

This step is so simple that it’s a shame to ignore it.

All you do is go to, enter your video URL, and press Go.

This free service will quickly strip your video voice-over and turn it into an MP3 ready to be distributed to various podcast sites.

Marketing Takeaway:

Video sites provide quality SEO backlinks. Plus, it’s not too difficult to get a high search engine ranking for videos – thus creating a whole new venue for your site to be ranked.
My strong suggestion is to make it a habit of turning your blog posts and articles into videos the day they are published.

reprinted with permission
Ana Hoffman
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  1. Hello, Sam:

    I noticed you republished at least a couple of my blog posts, which is absolutely fine.

    The only problem is when you republished someone's post in their entirety, you need to keep ALL the links intact and link back to my blog at the end.

    I would love to see that changed as soon as you find a minute.


    Ana Hoffman

  2. Ana,
    You dont have to keep all the links in an article that you republished and further more if you have changed more than fifty percent of the article it is your article. I think you did an awesome job with your blog and that was a great tip that I could have gotten from a plr product i bought 2 years ago and so Ana Hoffman did you get your information from a plr ebook some two years ago. Thanks for the refreshing of the tip for how to take an article and make it into a video. Your post was very useful.

  3. wow this was very useful to me ...thank you...