Thursday, February 24, 2011

Upcoming Programs on All Things Relevant

Just a short note, to give everyone a little tease for my upcoming programs.

 Author: based on the true story of child hood abuse that turned into adult disaster.

 Author: true story of teaching guitar to inmates of   San Quentin.

 Female athlete: surfing and skiing on one leg !

 A man who was formerly abused.
One man's quest to end child abuse...PURPLE UP !

and, of course, more and more of ANSWERS FROM KAREN, with Karen Overhill.

I'm very open to suggestions, topics and YOU being interviewed, too. 
Just drop me a message here, or at Facebook.

I'll be making announcements of these shows in the upcoming days....listen in EVERY night to After Hours @  to hear great music, announcements, advertisements, important snippets, etc. It's 9pm EST to midnight, M-F.

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