Friday, October 15, 2010

Every A-List Blogger Has READ THIS

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you are definitely MISSING OUT. Seriously.
But now that you know it, it’s OK…because now you can get in on it by reading this entire post.
Most folks who know anything about psychology are familiar with the fact that there are three major ways to motivate people.

The first two are flattery and inspiration. Both of them can be effectively used in your marketing and advertisement to increase response.

However, that’s not what we are talking about today.
It’s the third method, arguably the most interesting, intricate, and powerful of the three, that I want to bring to your attention.


Guilt via association or lack thereof, to be more precise.

Allow me to explain.

We all want to work with the best and learn from the best.

We also want to be associated with the best.

That’s precisely why you are reading every single word of this post…whether you know it or not.

It’s such a universal truth.

We all want to feel like we belong, like we are a part of the “A-list”. We want to know everything the leaders know and do what they do.

We also want to be associated with the best and be recognized for being associated with the best.
Why do you think so many people flock to celebrities? Why do you think celebrities have such huge entourages?

And why do you think the second you mention celebrity’s name at a party, there will always be someone who says “Oh yeah, I caught a glimpse of her/him on the street once?” Like that’s supposed to make us feel that they are just about related…

It’s almost like we are programmed to belong to anything that we perceive is better than what we are or what we have.

That’s precisely what made you read this post as well. Really.

From the very beginning, from the very title you instinctively wanted to read this article. Why?
Because, first I put a “guilt trip” on you, which caused you to begin reading the post.
Additionally, I removed you from the A-list or the perceived group of leaders, and you didn’t like it.
What is it that they know and you don’t?
You needed to find out.
So let’s go over exactly how I encouraged you to continue reading.

1. I used READ THIS in the title. Even though it’s hidden at the end of the title and still appears to be subtle enough, it caught your wandering eye. Blatant command that’s even SHOUTING at you in all CAPS!
2. “Every A-List Blogger Has READ THIS”. And you haven’t… What does it make you? NOT a part of the group. An outsider. They know something you don’t. Any appearance of your association with them was removed and somewhere deep inside you didn’t like it!
Pretty powerful, isn’t it?
So next time you write a sales letter or an ad, remember that association and guilt are two powerful factors that can seriously motivate your prospects to pay attention… IF you do it the right way.

Permission from
Ana Hoffman

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