Monday, November 1, 2010

Psychology of Thought


The first thing I was taught in Psychology was that a person's mind will keep working day and night, awake and asleep throughout life.

This is a good thing, too. We need our mind to help us walk, talk, drive and live.

I found it interesting that along the way you will notice some thoughts make you feel loving, and other thoughts make you feel fearful. Some thoughts will be uplifting, others will be depressing. Some will encourage behaviors that are helpful; others may encourage behaviors that are detrimental.

I have learned over the years that you don’t have to obey all your thoughts. I was reminded of this when I was at dinner one Friday with loved ones. I noticed a T-shirt a student was wearing that had printed on it, "Meditation is not what you think." How true! Meditation is the space between your thoughts. The more you can pay attention to the screen where the thoughts appear, the more liberated you will be of them.

This may not make sense right now, so just remember this:

"You can't stop your thoughts - but you don’t have to listen to them, either."

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  1. i like between your thoughts....

  2. For years I was Cartesian "parrot". Then, like Coelho's "Alchemist" I took the journey over entire human existence ... in search for the proof. "Cogito ergo sum" really works out.

    We can't stop our thoughts. But we can stop our resistance to their flow.

    There's no pain in this world if the resistance lacks.

  3. i like between your thoughts