Saturday, February 5, 2011


A close friend of mine is facing major cardiac surgery.  This knowledge has filled her with stress and anxiety.  She told me, " bedtime i am experiencing such anxiety...."
This is something I used to experience, too. 
I have a very easy method for removing it.
It is VERY important to take your time.  Really concentrate and experience each point thoroughly. 
You're in control; you remove the fluid.  At the end you will feel lighter and less anxious. 
I'll be sharing this with my friend .

  • sit in a comfortable chair.
  • close your eyes.
  • listen to your mind
  • clear your mind
  • accept this experience
  • focus on your breathing
  • see your body as an empty, clear cyclinder
  • fill this same cylinder with a colored liquid.
  • notice the color and consistancy of the liquid *
  • notice the cylinder is now completely full
  • "create" there being faucets at the ends of your fingers and toes
  • slowly open these faucets.
  • watch the liquid draining out of each faucet
  • see that your cylinder is now empty
  • take a spatula and remove all remaining traces of liquid
  • concentrate on the now empty, clean feeling.
* it's your choice to fill your cylinder with the appropriate color and consistency.
   if someone has anger issues, their cylinder may have red or flaming orange color
   if someone has depression issues, their cylinder may have thick gray or dark liquid.
   you get the idea.

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