Thursday, August 12, 2010


My motto: I do not stress over the glass being half-full OR half-empty....I GLORY THAT I HAVE A GLASS !

This has something I truly believe. This is something I truly live.

Recently, I decided to "try" once more to have a relationship with a special friend. He lives far away, but has a summer home 1/2 way between our two cities.

We both came to the relationship with emotional baggage from previous marriages

The only change has been with my recent journey towards Illumination.

I've processed my emotional baggage. He cannot.

Recent actions were revealed to me. I have no control over this news; and yet, it was My Choice to withdrawal my friendship and end the relationship for the last time.

I'm 62, and I REFUSE to act out of desperation for this relationship. I have power and control, which took me many years to gain, and I will not let go of it.

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  1. You have proven this over and over again in the time that I have gotten to know you. A leader of the highest quality!