Friday, July 9, 2010

I "got" it, as we used to state.

When I lived in San Francisco, I took part of several highly-enlightening programs. Such is the wonderful life in California. So much to experience!

One of my favorites was "est" (Erhardt Seminar Training). EST's main concept was no one, but you, are responsible for your destiny.

I "got" it, as we used to state.

This was a very simple concept to learn and embody. I lived this for many years. I was happy, successful, non-judgmental, and peaceful. A very esoteric Californian existence.

When I relocated back to my hometown in Pennsylvania, however, this was a concept no one could understand or appreciate. Instead, I began to feel: perfect misfit, fits in nowhere. I would explain my feelings to friends and family. That only served to make them suspicious of me and my beliefs/experiences.

In order to "fit in", most of my enlightened training slowly disappeared from me. From my core. From my sense of happiness and fulfillment. I hid the real SAM to be accepted. With my recent journey towards full Illumination, I have brought back the essence of SAM. I feel stronger and invincible.

Each day brings a new joy of wonderment. A joy of being at peace with myself.


  1. I get it too, and I didn't even have to live in CA to do it! LOL
    Good for you Sam. I've added this feed to my iGoogle page (my home page) so I'll be reading you often. Lovely blog, and very informative and so glad you've taken your personal power back. You go girl! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. Wow !
    What do you know, one of God's gifts to our Earth has begun an online blogging career . Welcome aboard SAM, I am so proud of your blog & you.
    It is true you can make a good living online from blogging & affiliate marketing, yet please never be disillusioned into believing it is easy.
    I have been through the mincer a couple of times, fighting not only my family & depression until the day I like you decided to be me. Now I am so much happier and have found my niche both online & in life.
    I am here any time to give advice SAM & help steer you around many of the internet pot holes I managed to fall into. You are an inspiration to those who keep saying they are too old to start on the internet.
    we both have come so far over the past 3 to 4 yrs. Have a most outstanding day SAM & I send prayers for your mom too.

    Hey....Life Is Good.... with good friends!!

    Allen Sentance Fisherman