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As a Closer:

The closer is a person who can do more than most salespeople think possible. Why? Because they know how to get close to people, they know how to get people to feel good about themselves. Customers like the closer because he shows interest in them; the closer builds the customers up so high they cannot possibly say no.The closer gets people on paper and signed contracts. Then keeps them there himself. Closers can step in on another person's troubled deal and bring it on home by solving the problem in minutes. A closer is a special kind of salesperson that people like, get excited to be with, believe in and feel special around. They are truthful, sincere and convincing. They always WIN !

The Basic percentages of a closer's make-up are as follows:
  1. Enthusiasm..51%
  2. Empathy and understanding...25%
  3. Manners and Charm..10%
  4. Fun..7%
  5. Product knowledge..7%.
Don't think a person is a closer by self proclamation. Beware! There are so many phonies running around it is hazardous to the networking and selling industry. These people are all talk and NO show. A closer sells. That's all that needs said!

As A Salesperson:

Are salespeople born or made? Many people believe they are born. "It's in the DNA," some claim, "so why should I try to improve if I wasn't born with it?" Or, "Tony's a great salesperson -- must've been born that way." But that's both an easy way out of self responsibility and a trap. "It's easy to believe that salespeople either have it or they don't," says Dr. Rosann Spiro, former chairperson of the American Marketing Association. "But the research shows that salespeople improve with practice and experience, with average performers improving the most." The suggestion that some people are top performers because "they had it from the get go" and they are just "fulfilling their destiny" is a misconception that fails to recognize that top performers needed to learn and grow along the way. If you want the most out of the best, don't fall into this most common sales trap. Sales people are developed, and it takes them time to develop.

Potential is interesting, but performance is everything:

What do salespeople do to improve? Studies have established, after observing thousands of successful salespeople and many top performers, there is a common denominator among them. Improvement came to all of them because they did one or more of the following:

  • Analyzed what went right or wrong on the sales call.
  • Participated in company sales training programs which provided reinforcement and feedback from their sales managers.
  • Received constructive criticism well.
  • Took part in simulated role play of sales situations with a manager, mentor or colleague. Top salespeople are good at "thought process" and "thought link" development, which is the ability to link one issue to another in a sales call or other customer conversation.
Salespeople need to be able to think quickly on their feet. Thinking enables them to better understand their customers' problems and link them to a solution. It is clear that few of the top salespeople would have achieved success without training and development along the way.

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