Thursday, July 22, 2010


Throughout the years, my hobbies have changed. I've also be fortunate that most of my hobbies have sold.

When Suni was born, I began by creating quilted jackets, and also taught quilting in Menlo Park Adult Education.
Next, I made children's clothing with applique and sold those in several unique shops in Palo Alto. My business was called Suni's Creations.

When I moved back to PA, I began to make wearable art. I had an easy, short kimono and made these into suit jackets. Along with my love of embroidery, quilting, and unique beading, I also made matching jewelry and even the buttons.

When I stopped wearing suits, I began the challenging process of altered art and quilted journals.
Next, I took altered art to a much larger process of embellishing canvases with found mechanical and technical items. I called it tech/mech. Using everything from scrabble pieces, to computer parts. I added painting, paper ephemera, old photographs and whatever pleased me.

Now, I'm on a new journey. I'm moving all my canvases, paints, paper emphemera, and found elements to my storage room.

I've purchased a book on Home Business and I intend to document what is legitimate, and take those savings. The very important step is to keep all these documents in one spot, and readily available. I have an old army, 4-drawer file cabinet which I am moving into my office for this exact purpose.

So, what was Sam's Space to create wearable art and altered canvases, will now become Sam's Legitimate Home Business.

And so, another journey has begun. Come along for this incredible ride !


  1. You go Sam...the first step to becoming a true success to yourself and others.

  2. Way to go! Blessings on your journey. Love ya

  3. Looking forward to seeing your Legitimate Home Business grow and the stories you will tell along the way.